Cleaning solutions for Desktop, Laptop & PDA LCD Screens
iKlear Complete Cleaning Kit

iKlear Complete Cleaning Kit

1 x 2 oz iKlear Spray Bottle (Airplane Travel Size)
1 x 6 oz iKlear Spray Bottle
1 x Large Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth
1 x Travel Size Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth
1 x Travel Size Micro-Fiber "Terry" Polishing Cloth
12 x iKlear Travel Singles (Step 1/Wet)
1 x Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth
1 x Keyboard Cover (Micro-Chamois cover for all iBooks, MacBooks and PowerBooks)

The Complete Cleaning Kit contains the most comprehensive selection of cleaning items for all your Apple products! It includes 2 different sized bottles of solution, the 6oz. size can be kept for home and office use while the 2oz. size is perfect to carry with you when traveling.

In addition to our other microfiber cloths, we now include an Antimicrobial Microfiber Cloth for disinfecting your iPad, iPhone and computer keyboard. This cloth is treated to trap and eliminate over 99.0% of the bacteria on their surfaces.

iKlear Apple Polish cleans and protects all of your Apple Products from the challenges of everyday life. iKlear's unique formula and Micro-Chamois cloths are made from the finest materials to meet the specific cleaning requirements of all your Apple Products.

The iKlear formula is anti-static, alcohol and ammonia free, and is safe to clean Laptop, Desktop, Cinema, Studio, HDTV, and Plasma TV displays. The revolutionary new washable and reusable Micro-Chamois clothes are optical grade and will not scratch the surface of your display when used in conjunction with iKlear LCD Screen Cleaning Solution. This kit will last up to 700 applications and is ideal for home, work, and in the classroom.

iKlear's formula is recommended by Leading Manufactures, iKlear is also the most frequently recommended cleaner by Apple Tech Support and is used by Apple Care.

Use iKlear Apple Polish on the following:
HDTV’s, Plasma Screen TV’s, All LCD Screens: Screens/Case
Digital Cameras and Camcorders: Lens/Case/LCD Screen
Scanners: Glass Surface
PDA’s: Screen/Case/Touch Pad
GPS Screens, Automobile LCD Video Screens: Screens
Portable DVD Players: Screen/Case
DVD’s, CD’s: Disk
Also ideal for use on the following Apple products:
iPod & iPod mini: Control Panel/Display/Case
iPhone: Display/Case
iBook: LCD Screen/Translucent Case
KeyboardPowerBook: LCD Screen/Aluminum or Titanium Case/Keyboard
iMac:  Flat Panel Display/Chrome Pivot/Base/Mouse/KeyboardHD Cinema & Studio
Displays: Screen/ Translucent or Aluminum Case
Power Mac G5: Brushed Aluminum Case
iSight: Lens/ Case
Original iMac/ eMac/ G3/ G4
Cube: Translucent case/ Screen
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